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May 2, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why It's Time To Go Home

Tomorrow we are homeward bound! We have spent the past five days in Puerto Rico, where we have been busy getting the boat hauled out and putting her in dry storage. Pisces is all tucked in and buttoned down, ready for a long rest in a safe harbor where she can ride out the hurricane season.
     And after five months of living on the boat I am ready to get my feet back on solid ground.
 The Big Guy, just as we were finished putting her away and ready to leave.


10.   Old cash gone, need new cash.

9.   We have watched all of our DVD’s at least twice and are now ready to watch some quality TV shows for a change, like American Idol (me) and Dancing with the Stars (The Big Guy), and Iron Chef (both of us). Are those shows even still on? Did we miss anything?

8.    I need a new reality. No matter how much one loves White Bay you can only spend so many hours per week people watching at the Soggy Dollar Bar. The same can be said for doing shotskis at Willy T's.

My favorite place in the BVI's...White Bay,  Jost Van Dyke
Willy T's and hell yeah we are doing a shotski! When in Rome...
7.   I really, really, really want a salad that is NOT romaine lettuce. And I really, really, really want fresh produce that will last more than one day. Wilted greens one day old that I paid a premium for make me Whiny and Bitchy and I HATE being Whiny and Bitchy. I'm Hot and Flashy so I don't have time for Whiny and Bitchy.
6.   Lately I’ve been taking turtles for granted. It’s time to go home when Big hollers at me to look at a huge sea turtle that is swimming along side us and I don’t even  pull my nose out of my book or bother to look up. Sea turtles should NEVER be taken for granted! Shame on me!

I snapped this pic as I was snorkeling with this turtle!

5.   You know I love that man but believe me when I tell you that the boat is getting too small for two people to live 24/7.  Someone may slip and accidentally fall overboard and someone else may accidentally not notice for an amount of time that is considered criminally unacceptable.

4.   I’m tired of cooking. There, I said it. As much and I love to cook and entertain I have to admit I am pretty burned out. Since about mid March I’ve been knocking out thee meals a day, along with an appetizer and an occasional dessert. My energy level is low and my creative juices have slowed down to barely a trickle, so unless it's a really great new recipe that you have to share, I'm not interested.
    Blue Corn Crusted Mahi-Mahi with Black Bean & Corn Salsa
and Corn Spiked & Chipotle Mashed Potatoes

 Tuna on a Sweet Potato Cake with Mixed Fruit Compote
and Roasted Red Pepper Coulis

3.    It’s getting too dang hot! Add another ten degrees and 90% humidity to my already over heated, hot and flashy body and you got a cranky old bag who is about this close to spontaneously combusting.

2.    I do love the water, but frankly I'm tired of being wet. Last week I was a good three minutes into a shower before I noticed I still had my bra on. Seriously! It's because my clothes are always wet, I'm always wet—be it sea water, dish water or sweat, so showering partially clothed seems almost logical.

1(a).    I say this not in vanity but in sanity. I miss my full length mirror! The only mirror I have on the boat shows me from about the neck up so I really have no idea if I’ve gotten fat(ter) or if I still have the ability to put together a super cute outfit. I looked down at what I was wearing the other day and horrors of horrors, thought, “OH MY GOD…THE BIG GUY MUST HAVE DRESSED ME THIS MORNING!”   

And the number one reason to come home…..

1.      There is a darling little girl named Paisley, that I miss terribly and whom I’m certain needs to plant flowers, pull some weeds, finger paint a wall with spaghetti sauce, play in mud puddles, throw some toys down the toilet, gather pine cones and horse turds, cut her own hair, slide down the laundry chute, do some power shopping, put doll clothes on the dogs, get a manicure....

The #1 reason to come home

On my next post I will share with you the BEST dish that I have made over these past five months. If you don't LOVE it I will give you your money back! 
     Stay tuned for Tuna with Wasabi Beurre Blanc and Pineapple-Ginger Chutney.


  1. The #1 reason is THE BEST reason to go home. She is so cute.

    1. Thanks June, I am looking forward to spending time with her and spoiling her...just a little!