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It's All About Me

That's me and Elvis. He's the one in the tux.  I don't normally hang around my kitchen dressed like that, but yes, I do wear a tiara and gawdy jewelry everyday.   

Now for the important stuff:  I am a relatively competent cook and a travel junkie who is also a white-knuckled frequent flyer. I am also an animal lover, (crazy dog lady, my friends would say), a conservative, a published author, a wife, mother and soon to be grandmother of a beautiful little girl named Paisley. She's my sous chef and I'm her Coco and I love her more than truffle oil.
Paisley Joe, 5 years ago
      I love to cook, eat great food, travel and that order! My family has learned to just shut up and indulge me in my food obsession, which means that all of our travels are planned around great restaurants. Most weekends the party is at our house, where friends gather for a ridiculous number of courses and copious amounts of wine. "What do you want for dinner?" always follows "Good Morning", in my house.     
     Now that the niceties are out of the way, let’s get down to the serious business. This blog is for my friends and family and for anyone else who has a touch of OCD when is comes to food and travel. If you are passionate about cooking, eating, and trying great new restaurants, you just may be my new best friend. If you fall asleep and wake up thinking about food...well, we may have been separated at birth. Meet me for cocktails, we'll talk. 
       You can leave me a comment, e-mail me or share a recipe if you are so inclined and if you do I promise to reply, unless you are a complete asshole. If you are, I don’t have time for you. Get your own Blog.  Remember, this is my blog, not a public pissing post. You can insult me, my writing and my cooking, but don’t you dare insult my dog, my kids, my friends or The Big Guy. Don't make me hurt you. I will hunt you down. I have people. My people have people.
       I'll try to give credit where credit is due, when it comes to the recipes in this blog. I cook out of Bon Appétit a lot and also like to make recipes from restaurants. Although I am constantly reading recipes and cookbooks, I am an improvisational maniac. Not only because I like to have my way with a recipe, but because I live in the sticks and there is not a decent grocery store within a 100 mile radius. That said, ad-libbing isn’t an egocentric quirk, it’s a necessity.
     I can say that I have personally made all of the recipes posted here, whether they are my own or someone elses so I know that they are delish and worthy of your time or I wouldn’t have put them on here. If you make one and you don't like it or doesn’t turn out, please don't feel the need to blame me, call me or cuss at me ~ that would make you a douche bag and who needs that title hanging over their head?  Give it another shot or just accept the fact that some people can’t boil water.
      Most of the photos in this blog I have taken myself, with a cheap digital camera and yes, I am aware that they look like they were taken with a cheap digital camera. Thanks for noticing. From time to time I may copy one from the internet. If you are the Copyright Police, I live in a small village in central Africa. You can arrest me there. I’d love to come to America.

Some other random, useless information about me:
• I‘m a habitual speeder
• I actually like to vacuum
No matter where my head is my heart is in the Islands
• I have food in my pantry from the 90’s
• I have a strange fascination with trees
• I’m type A
• A spice kit (with 15 spices) is always in my suitcase
• I’ve been married to The Big Guy for over 30 years and am still crazy about him
• I pack a .38  9mm
• I am obsessed with the Teton Mountains
• I have a weird habit of changing lanes in the middle of an intersection
• I can juggle and hula-hoop, just not at the same time
• I eat too fast
• Rap instantly pisses me off
• Seeing the moon in the daytime sky puts me in a good mood
• I can't help checking out other people's feet
• My dog is in my will
• My kid’s are not. Ha ha! just kidding girls!

Thanks for reading Sauce du Jour.

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