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Apr 20, 2014

In Dog Beers We Had Only One

Ok, so we did knock back a few, but it was specifically for the scientific experiment of seeing if one could cook a seven course meal using beer in every course. Turns out one can! No need to thank us SdJ chefs for taking one for the team. I mean, someone had to.

This was the menu:

Full Sail Amber Ale Ceviche

Shit-Faced Mushroom Crostini

Triple Smoked Porter Sliders 
  On a Pretzel Bun with Smoked Gouda + Smoky Tomato Jam 

 Guinness Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Aji Sauce
Bitch Slapped Potatoes with an Herb Attitude Adjustment

Chocolate Milk Stout Infused Ice Cream
Topped with Caramel Sauce and a Pretzel Crumble

Personally I thought my Full Sail Amber Ale Ceviche was killer. I've made it about three or four times since then ~ just to be sure and yeah I'm's definitely killer. You can serve it with tortilla chips if you want, but I went with some radicchio and endive. ( Use any Amber Ale, if you don't have Full Sail available.)

I'm also sharing the Shit Faced Mushroom Crostini recipe because everyone was still talking about it at the next cooking class. I tried it with both fresh and dried mushrooms and it turns out that the fresh 'shrooms get shit-faced way classier than the dried, and no one likes a drunken asshole mushroom, so def go with the fresh. I also did a run with goat cheese, but ended up liking the Borsin cheese better. Super easy and way tasty so grab a Sam Adams Cream Stout and get those 'shrooms shammered!

Go to the "Appetizers" page  to view the recipes then crack open a cold one or seven (think dog years people, dog years!) and get to drinkin' cookin'!

All the fabby pictures are courtesy of Kitt, our official SdJ photog!

PRINT RECIPE:  Full Sale Amber Ale Ceviche

PRINT RECIPE:  Shit Faced Mushroom Crostini