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Oct 24, 2014

Feminism: Making Pretty Little Girls Look Ugly

I just gotta come out from behind the stove for a minute and throw down my apron.

Listen, I'm not someone who gets offended. Ever. By anything. In fact I am so stinkin' sick of  all the god-damn touch-feely-everything-offends-me-so-don't-have-an-opinion-of-your-own-unless-it-agrees-with-my-opinion-because-otherwise-I'll-be-offended, lunatics in this country, that I CHOOSE not to be offended. By anything. Ever. Period.  In fact I firmly believe that being offended is a CHOICE. And I choose not to be.

This garbage that you are about to see is not only shocking, it's offensive and outrageous, and it's got my I Might Finally Have To Be Offended Meter, pinging off the charts.
     I'm mad as hell and I'm am physically sick and saddened for these innocent young girls who have been shamed and coerced into acting out this pathetic parody. It's goes without saying that these little girls didn't come up with this crap on their own. It's not child's play. It the work of despicable feminists who whine about objectifying women but who are doing that very thing to these little girls.
     Watch this video, if you have the stomach for seeing little girls demeaning themselves. Then go throw up. I did. We'll talk later. You've been warned.

CLICK RIGHT HERE to watch the most despicable video you've probably ever seen.
Are you sick yet?
I can promise you that these precious little she-bots have great-grandmothers who are rolling over in their graves right about now. And I'm betting that they want to reach out from beyond said graves and slap the hell out of the (dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks) mothers of these pretty little potty-mouths.


I'm a mother and I come from a long line of mothers, and I know a lot of mothers and grandmothers and I have never, ever met a WOMAN who is a MOTHER who would allow their daughter to be exploited like this. It's sick and wrong and unconscionable.   

Is this in the name of feminism? Is this what feminists look like these days? It seems so, which should cause any woman with half a brain to distance themselves as far as possible from any feminist who thinks that a 10 year old saying the c-word and giving the finger, is cute. Run, run like the wind!

I think it's worth mentioning that it was a guy who produced this video, which makes the irony even that much more sick.  These imbecilic  women (and apparently men) bitch about women being oppressed, yet that is exactly what they are doing to these little girls. They are using these girls to get their message across, which is oppression, because I can promise you that these foul mouthed little farts didn't come up with this idea on on their own. They were forced, subjected and maltreated, with is the definition of OPPRESSION.  

Mothers and Fathers who LOVE and RESPECT their daughters would NEVER ALLOW them to be DEMORALIZED like this. Whoever these women (and men) are, they have failed miserably as parents.   

The other real irony of this message is that these shock-jocks have used their babies as victims, all while screaming about how wrong it is to treat girls know, girls. News flash. It's ok to be pretty. And smart. And informed, and able to take care of yourself without big government paying for your abortions and birth control.
     It's ok to learn how to use a weapon to defend yourself so you don't have to pee on yourself to try to stop a rapist, yet these moronic mothers think that if they just go ahead and tell MEN (i.e. teach their sons) not to "rape women" that THEY WON'T DO IT!!! They even have the stupid audacity to say that in this video. Since that works so well why not just tell the wolves in Yellowstone to stop eating the cute little bunnies and tell any serial pedophile to stop sexually assaulting children, or better yet, just tell his mother to tell him. Because, you works. No! Pretty little girls, get a gun and make him pee his pants. That works.  

The women who are exploiting these precious girls in this video are the same women who are demanding that we respect girls. This is idiotic feminist logic at its finest: Demand respect for the ten-year old little girl with the foul-mouth but not for the 10 week old baby girl in utero, without a voice.

These disgusting women are an embarrassment to the species. I pray that that do not go forth and multiply again. 

I'll  get back in the kitchen now. Not because I'm a woman, or because I have a big mean man standing over me who expects breakfast on the table, but because I can. And because I want to.
     Now pass me the vodka, my coffee's getting cold.

Oct 7, 2014

Brazil ~ It's Not All About Soccer and a Bikini Wax

We had quite a spectacular tour of South America at our September Cooking Class, beginning the night with Brazil's favorite cocktail, the Caipirinha (ky-pee-REEN-yah).
     The Brazilians know their liquor, and the beauty of this drink is that numero uno: its simple. The other bonus(es) are that it can be as strong or as sweet or as tangy as you like. (The Brazilians like it strong and sweet!) Oh, and another tiny tidbit of info that I should mention is that one will kick your butt and make you think you that you could actually play soccer. (News flash: You can't. We are Americans and we pretty much suck at soccer.)

Put the limes and some sugar in a glass and muddle the hell out of it with a wooden spoon. Pour in the Cachaca (kah-SHAH-sah) and muddle it again while workin' on your samba moves. Fill the glass with ice and take a sip. This is precisely when you will probably make that it-hurts-like-hot-wax-face, so just add a bit more lime and sugar and get ready to lay back and enjoy. WOW, I gotta say, the Brazilians know their caca! And cachaca.

South America is a big continent and while we did hit on a half a dozen countries, I'm going to hang out in Brazil for the moment and tell you about the dish that was a unanimous favorite of the night: Moqueca; (mo-KEH-kah) otherwise known as  Brazilian Fish Stew. Don't let the idea of fish stew scare ya. There are no fish heads involved in the making (that's another country). Keeping it real, I used South American red palm oil. The Brazilians wouldn't dream of making Moqueca without it, nor should you. It's not only a healthy oil, but it is what gives Moqueca its beautiful red color. (You can get it at most any health food store, even the one here in Hickville.)
Moquea is an explosion of  flavors and textures. You get a mild heat coming from the habanero/serrano while the coconut milk imparts a sweet and creamy goodness. The tomatoes cook down and give this stew a  fresh brothiness and the fish poaches up nice and tender while the peppers retain some of their crunch. 
     This beautiful and tasty dish comes together in about an hour, which includes marinating and prep. Use a meaty white fish such as halibut, mahi-mahi, sea bass, or cod. Bite the heads and tails off some shrimp and throw them in the pot as well and make yourself another Caipirinha while you wait for the rice to cook and the stew to simmer. I prefer jasmine rice and I really love the fact that once you put the lids on the rice and the moqueca they are both ready to eat in exactly fifteen minutes.

Click here or go to the "Seafood" tab or the "Soups & Salads" tab for the Moqueca recipe. You can find the Caipirinha Cocktail recipe under the "Misc. Recipes" tab, or click right here. 

Next up I'll share the Argentine Flank Steak, some killer Peruvian Potatoes and a Colombian sauce.  In the meantime, I'm not finished lovin' up on Brazil! Now where's my soccer ball?