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Dec 22, 2011

The Bon Appetit Throwdown

Do you ever find yourself making the same 5000 recipes over and over?  Me too! Because of that I have been a little bored with cooking lately and have decided that I need to spice it up a little, so I got to thinking that maybe I need a little food challenge in my day to day life.  I do loves me some Bon Appetit and since I cook out of it all the time, I have decided to go head to head with the cover of the magazine and have me little Bon Appetit Throwdown!
      So here's the plan...because I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, than a planner, I'll use the word loosely, but I'm going to plan to make whatever is on the cover of the magazine each month and then I'll compare my amateur picture with their professional one and give you my honest, two-cent opinion about it.  
     Want to play along? Make the cover recipe, send me your picture and your opinion, for which you will be paid approximately nothing, and I'll include all the poop in the post.

Here are my few simple ground rules:
      1.  Since I live in Hickville for 6 months of the year it's not always possible to get certain ingredients.  Golden beets, fresh truffles, micro greens, green peppercorns in brine, kaffir lime leave, chile puya...forgetaboutit!  Therefore I reserve the right to substitute anything considered "funky" by Hickville standards, for any ingredient that is in the same color scheme or begins with the same letter. Example:  Can't find persimmons?  No problem...either Clementines (same color) or parsnips (starts with "p") may be substituted.  No purple endive? Grapes (color) or edamame (starts with "e") will work. Get it?  
     2.  During the other 6 months I live in the islands, so for that Throwdown period I reserve the right to add rum to any cover recipe, just because rum makes all recipes better. Duh.
     3. If any cover recipe calls for any kind of organ meat I will call bullshit on it and make a martini instead. There will be no organs in my All-Clad.    

The January issue is for a roasted vegetable tart, (get the recipe here) which sounds divine! I'm all over it and will post the picture and the results as soon as I get one whipped out.  Cook along with me if you want to and if you do, be sure to send me your picture.  We can compare notes over a Mojito!

~ Bon Appetit!