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Nov 18, 2011

I'm Thankful and I'm Pissed

happy thanksgiving   happy givingthanks 

I’m pissed. Ok, so maybe you can’t really tell I’m pissed because of a few little Botox injections I may have had recently, but trust me - if I could frown I would be.
     I know this is the time of year when you are supposed to be publicly acknowledging your gratitude and posting on Facebook all the things that you are thankful for. Blah, blah, blah, don’t get me wrong…I AM thankful for the many blessings in my life, but dammit…I’m still PO-ed.
     I’m ticked off because it’s that time of year when I have to listen to a bunch of idiotic puppets telling me “Happy Holidays” because they don’t have the guts to say “Merry Christmas”, for fear of not being PC, or worse (GASP!) being labeled a Christian. I'm thankful for my right to worship as I choose and I say screw all ya’ll!  I am a Christian and  proud of it so Merry-by-God-Christmas!
     I’m fired up because The Big Guy has to take a drug test just so he can drive his OWN truck, but welfare recipients can put their food stamps in their pockets...right next to their crack pipes and DON’T HAVE TO pee in a bottle.
      I'm mad because the same asshole is STILL sitting on the SAME corner holding the SAME sign that he was 12 months ago. I’ve given him money…on more than one occasion and I am grateful that I have the few extra bucks to spare. But seriously - it's time to get real dickhead! There is a motel room to be cleaned, some dishes to be washed and a floor to be swept SOMEWHERE…just not on THAT corner! I’m riled up because I have seen him dragging his lawn chair TO HIS CAR. Yes, Homeless vet, will work for food, anything helps, God bless, HAS A CAR! Grrrr…

And speaking of vets and soldiers…I’m really pissed off that they make squat for wages for defending our country while our elected fat-cat politicians sit on their righteous butts and vote themselves pay raises while they wipe the butter off their chins and palms. I'm incensed that they have retirement plans AND health insurance benefits FOR LIFE, while many of our soldiers have PTSD and missing body parts FOR LIFE! If you’re not pissed about that you should be.

I’m not upside down on my mortgage or behind on my payments, and for that I am truly grateful because I know that this is not the case of many in these tough economic times. My credit score is in the high 700’s and yet I can’t get my second home re-financed because the banks that I bailed out are the same ones who won't loan me the money for those same reasons, and yes you better believe I am livid about that!

And don't even get me started about the TSA Guy who  ransacked my suitcase and took away my 5 oz. jar of Parmesan dip but let the douche bag with the bath towel on his head go through security. He could have been hiding a rocket launcher in that up-do, yet he passed through without a question. (Am I racial profiling? TSA Woman stood behind her badge and used her credentials to feel me up with that legalized form of molestation known as the back-of-the-hand-pat-down, while TSA Guy took away my Cambozola Sauce. I know, I the highly trained eye of TSA, a cheese sauce slightly resembles a shoe bomb. Not only do they get to take your junk, they get to touch your junk and you better believe my ass is chapped over that.

So yeah, I may be PO-ed, menopausal, homicidal, and hot flashin, but this is the season to give thanks, so I’m going to say this: Thank you God for the many blessings in my life, you know what they are. Thank you for our troops who put their lives on the line while we sleep, you know who they are. Thank you for my family and friends who know how I can be when I’m fired up but who still love me anyway. And yeah, I know...I owe them one.

I AM thankful and I AM smiling…really, I am! 

happy thanksgiving   happy givingthanks