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May 29, 2012

Tomato Love

Here is a little fresh summer hors d' oeuvre that I've been whipping up lately. It couldn't be tastier or easier and with fresh tomatoes and basil now coming in season it is better than...ummmm, better than an hour long full body massage. Well, almost.

I'm calling it Olive Oil Poached Tomato Bruschetta. 
Get some fresh little yellow and red grape (or pear) tomatoes and give em a generous rub down with plenty of olive oil, enough so that they are almost covered in it and are very happy. Toss in some slices of garlic and a handful or so of whole fresh basil leaves.
     Put them in a low oven, about 200-250 degrees and give them about 3 hours of privacy, or until they are soft and shriveling up and are done doing their thang and are begging for mercy. (Jeez, I never knew poaching tomatoes could sound so erotic. Nevermind.)

Pull them out of the oven, drain in a strainer or colander and reserve the oil and juices. Discard the basil leaves because they will be dark and withered, and then mash the tomatoes and garlic up with a fork.

Add a chiffonade of fresh basil and season it with sea salt. You can also add a touch of the reserved oil if you are feeling frisky and then use the remaining oil to rub on slices of crusty bread or a baguette.  Broil or toast the bread and serve with the tomatoes. Everyone's gonna be happy!

If you have some garlic, basil, or Italian flavored olive oils use some of them to amp up the flavor.  Although I've already told you how to make this tomato love, you can also find the ingredients and instructions on the "Appetizer" page. Bon Appetit!

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