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Where did the name Sauce du Jour come from?
Daughter #1 aka "The Know-It-All", gets credit for that.  When she was a smart-alecky teenager she would say to me (as I was putting dinner on the table), in that smart-alecky-roll-your-eyes-teenager tone, “and what’s the sauce du jour tonight?”  

So, do you make a sauce every night?
Most nights…don’t you?

I’ll ask the questions.  Why did you start this blog?
So my kids could keep up with our shenanigans when we move to the Caribbean.

When are you moving?  And why?
In December, 2010.  The Big Guy and I are buying a boat and we will be offering  yacht vacations in the USVI's and BVI's to all our new best friends .  Grab your swimming suit, you’re all invited!

Have you always been such a brilliant writer?
Awww c'mon, stop it some more!  But yes.

How do you decide what to write about and what inspires you?
My mind is just a cesspool of crazy topics, and food and travel always inspire me.

Why do you call your husband “The Big Guy”?
Because some other guy was already using the name George Clooney. (Read: handsome hunk, not Liberal Commie ass kisser.)

What about your friends, and other family members; I’ve noticed that you don’t use real names very often, why is that?
Because the paparazzi are everywhere!  Jeez, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed!  I’m protecting their identity in case they end up in the tabloids.  I don’t want them suing me, you know.

Is your dog really in your will?  And would you really give him a kidney?
Of course he is, isn’t yours?  Actually, I’d give him one of your kidneys, for asking a dumb question.  Seriously, wouldn't you give your dog a kidney?

I’ll ask the questions.
Uhhh, what was the question?

Do you cook a big fancy gourmet dinner every single night?
No.  I have hot flashes every single night.  I do cook about 5-6 nights a week, if The Big Guy is home.  If he’s not home, I just make myself something Beef Wellington or Salmon in Papilotte.

What’s your secret weapon in the kitchen?
My .38.  Oh you mean food?  Hmmm that’s a tough one.  I have many…crushed red pepper flakes…Dijon mustard…flavored olive oils, like truffle, walnut and basil…MSG...oh and cream.  Cream in food is always good.

MSG.  Really?
No, I was just kidding.  There is no MSG in my kitchen.  Now about that kidney that you don't really dog's been peeing a lot lately... 

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?
Yes, my Cuisanart food processor, my tweezer tongs, and my little battery operated whisk.  Oh, and I love my Nespresso machine too!

What three things are always in your refrigerator?
Capers, butter, shallots, half & half, feta cheese, fresh ginger,  a good demi-glace, kalamata olives, a jalapeno...

That's more than three.
Who's counting?

I'll ask the questions.
What was the question?

How do I become a follower on your blog?
Click on the “Follow” button. If you  have a gmail or Yahoo account, click on that button.  If not, click on the “Create a new Google Account” line and follow the steps.  Choose the “follow publicly” option and then download your picture so that I can see you!  

How do I leave comments?
 Go below the post and hit the "comment" button.  

One last question, what if I make one of your recipes and I hate it?
Whoa sister!  What recipe you be hatin on? 

I'll ask the questions.
What was the question?