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Nov 13, 2017

My Quail's Egg Addiction

I may as well just go ahead and say it.
Hi. My name is Coco and I'm an addict. 

No, not wine. Not pills. But an addict just the same. See I'm addicted to quail's eggs. There I said it. Man that feels good to admit. 

There is just something about those cute little speckled orbs that I can't get enough of. I mean, if they were sparkly I would wear them. Like big diamonds, which I also can't get enough of. 

On Halloween I gave hard boiled quail's eggs to my trick-or-treaters and let me tell you, those kids LOVED them! Never mind the fact that they thought they were chocolate eggs. 
Yolks on them! Baaahahahahaha-giggle-snort.

Look how happy those little urchins are!
Makes my heart sing!
Anyhow this addiction has been going on since about 2013. 

HOW IT HAPPENED: 2013 - We were living in Denver while The Big Guy was undergoing a bone marrow transplant. When I wasn't at the hospital, I was fine dining my way through Denver's best restaurants and poking around gourmet grocery stores. One day I hit up an Asian market and that is where my addiction first reared it's ugly little head. I hadn't even eaten one yet but I was hooked by their cuteness. They were kind of like a puppy egg.

I call up my friend google and I find out they only have 17 calories per egg, which is exactly 128743 fewer calories than whats in a Cadbury egg, which I could eat a dozen of too. And at $1.79 per pack at the Asian grocer (which is like $23.16 less than 15 Cadbury eggs) they had me. The next thing I know I'm strung out on crack quail eggs every day.  

A perfectly poached quail egg.
My favorite way to eat them
These babies are poached and yes I know they look like sperm.
I just pinch that little tail off, as evidenced by the two on the left.
So imagine my delight when Albertsons in Sheridan starting carrying them! Yep, that was me doing the happy dance in the egg isle. And me, standing guard over them to make sure only the Worthy Looking People could buy them. Well, there weren’t any Worthy Looking People (except one) so I pretty much bought them all. I did apologize to the ONE Worthy Looking Lady about our little episode at the check out, when she called for a manager because she thought I was trying to steal her one measly pack of eggs. It was just a little misunderstanding. As if.

And guess what? Alberstons restocked; meaning I don't stand in the egg isle anymore. True, it's mostly due to the restraining order. Minor detail, but yes, that was me patrolling the parking lot to let the Worthy Looking People know that if they buy the eggs I don't have to, because Albertsons will still BRING IN MORE!

As of now I really have no intention of getting professional help. I go to the store every other day and buy at least 2 or 3 packs, which has 15 adorable speckled eggs in each (FYI they are $2.99 at Albertsons [the people aren't real Asians]) and I eat approximately 6 to 8 cute eggs each day. 

You do the math. As of now I have about 162 quail eggs in my refrigerator, which by the way is just slightly more than the number of chihuahuas I have. And I just can't stop myself. By Christmas I figure I will have approximately 9,268 quail eggs (and likely a few more dogs). Hey girls, guess what ya all are getting for Christmas? 

If you are looking for a dealer let me know; I'll be in the alley behind Albertsons. Just ask if I'm the "lady selling the Cadbury Eggs" and wink three times. Buddy, I'm telling you....we will have struck a deal!

Now my only fear is that I will wake up from this dreamy dream and tomorrow there will be NO quail eggs at Albertsons! That lady in the alley being restrained and put into a straight jacket and screaming bloody murder? Yeah, that will be me too. 

To crack open a quail egg, use a serrated knife and cut off the upper 1/3 of the fat end and slide it into a dish. The egg is mostly yolk, so if you crack it against the counter or a bowl, you'll likely break the yolk. They poach or fry up in less than a minute and can be hard boiled in about 2-3 minutes. 

L-R  Perfectly soft at 2:30 minutes-barely soft at 3 and just hard at 3:30 

PRINT RECIPE: Poached Quail's Egg with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Potatoes and Chives. 

Bonus facts: they contain 13% protein compared to 11% found in chicken eggs, 140% of vitamin B1, compared to 50% found in chickens. Plus, they boost metabolism, reduce BP, improve vision and soothe allergies. Another beni is that they don't carry bacteria (like salmonella) because of  an increased amount of Lysozime and the fact that they have a higher body temp them a chicken. I could go on and on of the health benefits or you can just click here to read for yourself.


  1. How long do the quail eggs last in the refrigerator....if by chance you don't consume them in the first six hrs? Or you forget to take them on vacation?

  2. Miss Victorine, they have a long shelf life in the refrigerator. Longer than that of a chicken egg. If you cut the top off and the white looks funky it's time to toss them. And FYI, quail eggs LOVE a road trip!

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