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Jun 3, 2011

The Flat Cat Sail

Our good friends, you know the most interesting ones we have, the Lexuses...well they came back to the BVI's to spend another week with us in what was supposed to be a celebration of all the little Lexuses respective graduations. (More about that later.)  Because of a passport SNAFU Natalie was not able to join her most interesting family. Created by accident and born out of necessity, we now have a new and exciting way for you to cruise the islands. Sound to good to be true? Read on! 

Think you can’t afford a week aboard a private yacht in the Caribbean? Think again. Captain Big and I (The Admiral) are happy to announce that Pisces is offering you the opportunity to vacation with us on what we are calling the “Flat Cat Sail.”
      Get will cost you next to nothing. Just send us two headshot photos of yourself and we will blow them up to life size and tape you onto our flyswatter. From there you will get to experience the islands without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Flat Natalie, enjoying her morning coffee
Our first guest, Natalie (The Flat Nat Cat Sail, we called it) didn’t come all the way from  Arizona to sail with us! Because we kept her updated daily with photos on Facebook, she barely noticed all the things that she wasn’t getting to enjoy!  

Like Natalie did, you can just relax and work on your tan or you can hang out with the Captain, who will even let you drive the boat, if you ask him nicely! 

If you are feeling adventurous you can dive into some water sports, like kayaking or laying around on a floatie. (Note: snorkeling is NOT recommended) 

The Flat Cat Sail includes all your meals and if you like to cook The Admiral will let you spend the day in the galley helping her prepare all those wonderful Island meals that you won't get to feast on! Plus, there are no additional charges for not eating all you want! Yes, you heard me right!

Want to party like a rock star?  You can start your day with Bloody Marys, drink Pisces Punch with lunch and throw back the vino at dinner, all while knowing that no matter how much you indulge there will be no worries of a hangover! Man, life just doesn't get any better than that! Can I get a witness?  

So what are you waiting for? If this sounds like your idea of fun, gather up a group of your friends or complete strangers and call us today!
     Operators are standing by. Use the word "Flatamaran”  in a sentance and get two extra days at no charge! Certain restrictions may apply. Photos will not be returned and the flyswatter will be reused. Taxes, fees and Captain's tip are not included in this offer.

This recipe (from my sister) is for Island Pancakes, which I swear on a stack of Bibles, are thee best pancakes you will ever eat! And I mean EV-VER! Go to the store, get yourself some Coco Lopez and some macadamia nuts, then go to the "Recipes" tab at the top of this page to view it.  

   Flat Natalie, loving her some Island Pancakes!


  1. I'm glad you could use my skills as a model to advertise your services! Everybody is gonna want to do this after they see all of the activities that I enjoyed AT NO COST!

  2. Tammi, you may have really hit on something in the travel industry. Can't wait to see how your sales/sails increase after posting this blog! Love, Mrs. L

  3. Natalie, For the use of your super model talents I'm happy to offer you FREE sailing for the next year! Your Flat friends can come too!

  4. have a true wit! Hilarious!! Suzy

  5. Glad you joined us on the Flat Nat Cat Sail! Thanx for reading SdJ!