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Jun 14, 2011

But Enough About Them

Do you remember our most interesting friends, the Lexuses? I'm sure you recall Denny, the guy who earlier this year finished 2nd in the Caribbean Iron Man Contest. Yep, that's him...but enough about Denny. 
     I mean, who could forget his trophy wife? Well let me tell you, she is not just another pretty face. No… the woman who power shopped her way through the islands is also the matriarch of a whole family of over-achievers. But enough about Karen.
This story is about the most interesting accomplishments of the little Lexuses. Daughter Suzy is a bigwig Emergency Room doctor in NY and was a Pulitzer nominee for her dissertation on an innovative new technique which is now used to diagnosis Strep throat. Her research proved that, yes, is it possible to render a positive diagnosis of Strep using a butter knife and a dive light. She has also been semi-successful in performing tonsillectomies using a cocktail fork, olive tongs and a head lamp.      
    I am sorry to report that some of her research went right out the window when Elvis proved that it is entirely possible to remove a tonsil through your nose. But enough about Suzy, more about Elvis later. 

Daughter Nicole recently graduated summa cum laude from CSU with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Her thesis, which was titled Getting Old and All That Shit, or GOATS as it was known by its acronym, was so well received by doctors in the geriatric field, that Old Folks Homes everywhere be will implementing her therapy methods which are based on Yoga practices. They include a lot of downward dog and corpse poses. Denny will be one of the first old GOATS who will participate in the case study. But enough about Nicole.      
     Natalie, the littlest Lexus, took top honors and graduated with a PhD in her field of International Travel. Dr. Natalie was also named the winner of the prestigious Life Long Student Award, but unfortunately was not able to join us because she was too busy trying to locate her passport. However, she did become a charter member of our Flat Cat Sail and whether she knows it or not, she had a most interesting time. But enough about Natalie. 
     Son-in-law Joe may not have graduated from any prestigious school, but not to be outdone by those over achieving Lexus women, he is quite successful in his own right. He recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work in Honduras and is so revered in that country that rumor has it that he will likely be elected as the next Honduran President. Joe says he is honored, but his true calling in life is to be a dog sitter so he will likely decline the position. Elvis approves and can personally vouch for Joe’s uncanny dog sitting abilities, saying, "it's like I was in his head at times." Enough about Joe...more about Elvis later.
     So after a several days of talking about and looking at the various diplomas, awards, trophys and degrees, the Lexus family settled into some of that adventuresome fun that they are known for. While I’m sad to report that Denny didn’t wrestle the Hammerhead shark this trip, he did perfect Nicole’s yoga corpse poses, and in fact got quite caught up in doing the downward dog-ear pose with Elvis.
While Karen and The Big Guy spent an ambitious morning holding down some beach chairs, the rest of us went on a thrilling ATV ride across Jost Van Dyke. The view was spectacualr and the consensus was that we all looked pretty darn good in the helmets.
     Suzy, the thrill-seeker of the bunch, showed perfect form when she was shot out of a cannon, from an old pirate ship, and flew right over the top of the boat, yelling, "look Dad, no hands!", on her way by. Denny swelled with pride. Not to be outdone, Nicole, who is a real dare-devil got brave one night and tasted cilantro! We all watched in awe but it turned out to be a let down, as Nicole said it was tougher to swallow than it looked.  Joe, who mostly worked on getting the swelling out of his legs, found out that not only does he love dogs, he loves fish too. Just not on the same plate. But more about Elvis later.  
The week flew by and as always it was a most interesting time with our most interesting friends. But enough about them...have I ever told you about Elvis?

     This recipe is for Mahi-Mahi with Ginger-Lime Beurre Blanc. It's an original creation and while I hate to brag, it just may be the best thing I've made since...well, I don't know when. 
     The Lexuses loved it; even Joe and Elvis who have been overheard saying they don't like fish. I've made it about 4 or 5 times now and  usually serve it over cheesey grits. It would also be delish served with coconut rice, orzo, or dog food. Go to the "Recipes" tab at the top of this page to view it. 
Mahi-Mahi with  Ginger-Lime Beurre Blanc, served with
 Cheesey Grits and Roasted Asparagus & Grape Tomatoes

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