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May 22, 2011

Meat Wendell

On a small piece of sand next to a one lane dirt street on Jost Van Dyke, sits a little cobbled together shack with a sign that says “Wendell’s World". A stash of sea fans and conch shells sits on a table next to a door that is almost always closed, indicating that Wendell is not open for buisness. I'm not sure what he even sells, nor do I really care. The reason I keep going back is to see Wendell’s latest sign posting. Folks, this is Wendell's world and on JVD we are just living in it.
The sign below is the one that greets you at the door. Yes, smoking cigarettes cigarittes is a bad habit habbit, but illegal elegal?  Who knew?

Dang, sure are sorry that we missed his Birthday and Divorce Devorce Party!

But hey, there is always Easter and a Bikini Beekini and Diving Diveing Contest and much mutch more moor! 

Hey, I bet he'll be serving the worlds newest drinks at the party! Silk Panty, mmm just sounds like it would soothe sooth boys. (Seriously Wendell? Sheesh, give me a break.)
And unless you want problems probleams don't even think about pickin them young coconuts, but go on and have yourself a nice day anyway!

Hey guys, better listen to Wendell...he know's how to make a gal happy. C'mon, just give us your wallet and set us free!
Hmmm, fish for sale, and fresh to boot? But Wendell, how can we buy it when you u are NEVER open!!! 

Wendell, I presume?
Sorry, no reicpe recipe. After seeing the above picture I feel a little sick and can't come up with anything that won't make me through throw up a little.


  1. Laughing my ass off…no really, just now…laughing my ass off!!


  2. I miss Wendell...unfornately, these babies have been making me feel like I am on the boat, drunk with rough seas!!!! :)

  3. Brenda, Maybe you need to drink a Pink Windy or a Silk Panty. Wendell says they "soothe little boys!" Miss ya!