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Aug 5, 2013

Shish-Kaboobs ~ Because Some Men Can Never Get Enough

I have a loyal reader who mentioned that he wished I would talk more about boobs, yeah he said that. He said that he was "disappointed" that I hadn't mentioned boobs in my last post, and since here at the Sauce we aim to please, this post is for you Billyboob Billybob Cornfed. 

As you know, besides adoring The Big Guy I have a thing for Booby Flay. I ♥ him and I try to keep abreast of all his latest recipes. If mammary serves me right, my boy Booby has a "Build-Your-Own-Shish-Kaboob" recipe so I was thinking that with summer and grilling and all, that this would be a perfect time to make some ka-boobies. (Click on this link for the recipe.)

Getting ready to go on the grill

Confession to make:  A lover of the ka-boob I am not. Because some of the items tend to be overcooked while others are undercooked, I'm really not a fan. For example, throw a steak ka-boob on the grill and in five minutes the beef is still mooing but the mushroom is so far gone that there is no nursing it back to life.
     On the udder hand a shrimp will curl up and turn into a charred, shriveled up titty-bitty thing, but a cherry tomato, at first bite will spit enough hot juice at you to burn your lip and stain your shirt. Is it chest me or have you had the same experience with ka-boobs? And worse yet ~ sometimes no matter how you turn the ka-boob, the peppers spin on the skewer and turn black on side A, while side B stays uncooked. Anyhow for me, ka-boobs are kind of a bust.

That is why dear ka-booby lovers, I like to do it this way:  I choose a smoked meat such as sausage ~ chicken, beef or pork will all work well. Next pre-cook the hearty ingredients, such as the po-tata and the corn on the cob (yes they can go on a ka-boob). Soft, fast cooking stuff like mushrooms, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes can go on raw. Peppers swing either way and no recipe is really needed.

If you are using wood skewers soak them in water for at least thirty minutes before you put the ingredients on. Then heat up your BBQ grill until it's hooter than hell, because you'll want to cook these puppies pretty fast so that they don't dry out, but yet still get those pretty grill marks. Do it this way and you'll end up with a tasty mouthful!

For a super fast and easy appetizer, put tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil on a skewer and then perk them up with a drizzle of olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and some sea salt. An udder easy option for the ka-boob loving men in your life is to put some pre-cooked meatballs on a skewer, add a cooked tortellini or two and some manly-man veggies. Grill them for just a few minutes ~ or long enough to warm them up and then serve with Marinara sauce.

But really if you ask me I think you should forgo the shish-ka-boobs and do what I prefer to do. I get The Big Guy to throw some ribs on the BBQ and then I open him up a beer, pull up a chair beside him and just sit back and enjoy the evening while he nurses that beer and keeps an eye on that rack...of ribs.

So there you have it Billyboob Billybob, I hope this post has ta-taught you something and satisfied your request. Sauce du Jour...pleasing peoples appetites, one reader at a time!


  1. You are amazing! I am speechless right down to the pictures...well in your book you said you were the sister with boobs! Before I bust out laughing - thanks! Ya made my day...I am now satisfied wholly and completely!

    1. Hey, here at the Sauce we aim to please! Glad to have made your day.