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Jul 27, 2013

My Third Date With Bobby

I have to admit that I thought my boy Bobby was slacking when it came to the Green Onion Smashed Potatoes in his Mesa Grill Cookbook. Just green onion? C'mon Bobby you can do better than that.
     I like to think of myself as kind of a (S)mashed Potato Queen. I do a Bacon-Blue Cheese (S)mashed, Green Chile-White Cheddar (S)mashed, Chipotle-Monterey Jack (S)mashed, a decadent Truffled (S)mashed, Spinach-Gruyere (S)mashed, Caramlized Shallot-Smoked Gouda (S)mashed.....and on and on. Forget the Roasted-Garlic and the Wasabi (S)mashed, they are passe and so last year.

When I say (S)mashed, I'm talking about the spuds, not me ~ and the method....always (s)mash them by hand. Lumps are good. Rustic is good. An electric mixer can turn them into the consistency of wall paper paste and that's just wrong.  When you use small red skinned spuds just go ahead and leave those skins on if you want to because they will be tender and blend right in. For the creamiest (s)mashers use Yukon Golds, and don't forget; lots of butter and cream are an absolute necessity.

But back to Bobby's Green Onion Smashers.  I gotta admit I was thinking, booorrrriiiing. But what Bobby did was spunk 'em up with some sour cream instead of plain ole' heavy cream, and I gotta tell ya this (S)mashed Potato Queen was impressed.  It was simple: just new red skinned potatoes, a LOT of butter, even more sour cream, green onions and salt and pepper. I've made these three or four times now and for something so simple they do pack a lot of flavor. Whip some up!

A couple of nights later I made Bobby's Southwestern Potato Salad and this was potato salad funk at it's finest.
     The weird thing was that it had tomatoes in the recipe. I've eaten a fair number of potato salads but I don't think I have ever eaten one with tomatoes in it. Because it was Bobby and he's never let me down yet, I went with it. It was a (kind of) pretty color of pink because of the ancho chile and cayenne peppers.  When it all came together I was glad that the tomatoes had came to the party.

I had leftovers and I really wondered if those tomatoes would turn to mush because of the lime juice in the salad but I was pleasantly surprised the next day when the salad was even better than it had been the first time around. Yeah, the tomatoes did break down a bit, but the flavors of the sauce intensified.
     If you are a purest when it comes to potato salad, skip this one, but if you have already been to a dozen BBQ's this summer and are BORED with the old mayo-mustard-pickle-egg-onion variety, give this one a try.  Check it out under the "Soups-Salads-Sides" tab. Thanks Bobby, love ya, call me, mean it! ♥


  1. Well, you are smashed which I love the wordplay! Ya did not mention boobs which was disappointing but you are dating another man in full view of the Big Guy and ur wonderful daughters! So, I salute that - openness in marriage is everything. Oh wait last time you said the Big Guy can not hear - so he probably thinks your making love to your hobby instead of Bobby...
    Seriously, I thought of you two when I went down frontage to Sheridan yesterday - Dayton Days! Glad all is well - love your writing!

  2. Well Billyboob, in the future I promise to mention boobs more often, just for your benefit. Also I will be cooking up some more Booby Flay, so stay turned! Thanks for reading the Sauce!