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Aug 14, 2013

My Fourth Date With Bobby

I had been drooling over the picture (below) of Bobby's Grilled Shrimp with Smoked Chile Butter and Tomatillo Salsa, so it had been next on my Flaydar.  And speaking of butter; me and Bobby practically fell in love over butter. And salsas, and seafood, and sauces and I'll shut-up now.
      The Big Guy's taste buds are still a bit screwed up from chemo, so tangy flavors just haven't been sitting too well with him so at the mention of Tomatillo Salsa he made that face. It's the the same one that the dogs make when I try to feed them a heart worm pill. It's the if-you-force-feed-me-that-I'll-pee-on-your-pillow-to-get-even-face. I know the look well so I just quit pimping the dish and went with Plan B.

Plan B: Nobody in this house with a pulse and/or an unclogged artery passes on butter, so I decided to deviate from the recipe a bit and skip the tomatillas but make the Smoked Chile Butter and serve it over salmon. For some reason chemo hasn't managed to mess up Big's taste for fish and since I had some nice salmon in my freezer, I decided to make the Smoked Chile Butter and glaze the salmon with it.
     I seared the salmon and then topped it with the butter during the last couple of minutes of cooking.  As it melted into the fish and browned in pan it left that distinctive nutty brown butter taste along with that delightful chile/lime flavor that Bobby is known for. A little shake of the pan and the underside picked up the delicious brown butter taste too. Win-win, right? 

Someday I will make the tomatillo salsa so I will try this dish again with the shrimp, but in the meantime I have had some of the butter leftover so I've been using it to spunk up grilled corn on the cob. It took the corn from so-so to so-so fabulous!
     Check out the entire recipe under the "Seafood" tab.  Thanks Bobby, love ya, call me, mean it! ♥


  1. Simply drooling - could mean I am hungry or just a tard!

  2. Tard....definitely going with tard!