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Jul 18, 2013

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow

 See kids ~ we really were young and super cool once! (1978)
The Big Guy and I have been together since 1978 and in those thirty-five years I have never seen him without a mustache or a headful of thick hair. Back when we met he had a lot of kinky-curly black Afro-type hair and I loved that mop, but honestly if I could remember back that far I'd have to say it was his sense of adventure, not his hair that really attracted me to him (no matter what he might think).

Ok, so this is NOT The Big Guy, but this was his hair in the '70's.
Plus he had chops and a mustache. He lost the chops sometime in the 90's, but in our thirty-five years together I had never seen him without a 'stache. Until today.
      In fact I'm convinced he was born with one.

Don't believe me...see his baby picture below. This was baby Larry Joe at six months.

Then a few years ago, when he started injecting himself with Neupegen I noticed it caused his hair to go straight and to thin out a bit. When it came time to prepare for the transplant we knew the high dose stuff was coming next and and we knew what that meant: Chemo's a bitch and would manage to steal what time and age couldn't.
     So in anticipation of all that glorious hair going bye-bye, The Know-It-All gave her dad a military worthy buzz cut. I suggested that he shave the whiskers since they were going to come off anyway but he refused to give up those hairs. I wondered just what it was that he was hiding under there. Then he started chemo. Then we waited. It thinned a bit. His goatee took on the look of a yuppie who manscaped.

To be honest, as much as I loved the goatee and that head of hair, I was kind of  looking forward to seeing him with a chrome dome and a clean lip. Some of the best looking men I know are sportin' the Mr. Clean look; (and I'm not talking about Bruce Willis, Bob Duvall and the guy from Pawn Stars) I'm talking about John S., Lance R., Wade H., and Scott B., just to name a few....those guys are all looking good rockin' the cue ball so I was OK with Big becoming a brother in baldness.

Hates Everything and her Sugar Daddy. Circa 1999 +/-
For years The Big Guy has smacked at me and the girls like we were bees whenever we tried to run a handful of gel through his unruly hair. Well it turns out that Neupegen is candy compared to Busulfan because now that his hair is *ahem* thinning gone, we are all stand-off-ish with the hair products and the comments.
     Even though a few weeks ago the head went shiny, the eyebrows and a few mustache hairs clung to life, like a baby monkey to it's momma. Or maybe two chihuahuas to their daddy. Sometimes I forget about this new look and when I glance at him I feel like I'm living with a stranger.      

 About a week ago he shaved off the few hairs that remained in his goatee. I then realized that I had more hair on my upper lip than he did on his, so with my usual amount of tact I asked him why he didn't just shave that shit off.  He said if he did he felt like he would be giving up on the last of the hairs that were still refusing to give up on him. (Insert knife in my heart here.) I can be such a matter-of-fact-no-bullshit shithead that I have to be hit in the face with a chandelier before I see the light. Sometimes I forget that no matter that I'm here, he really is going through so much of this transplant business alone. And I'm sorry.

Then yesterday he pointed out that he had some new whiskers that were trying to sprout on his face. After further searching we detected two new mustache hairs growing. He was pretty excited about that, and hey, I have two new chin hairs too but I'm not doing the happy dance. It's the little things that can make a man so happy.

This morning he announced that he thought he needed to shave and I rubbed his cheeks to verify that there was indeed stubble. (Turns out there are little things that can make a woman happy too.) What I didn't expect was that he would finally shave off the stache' too. My subtle *coughbullshitcough* comment(s) about me having more lip hair than him must have finally got the best of him. I feel like such an ass.
     He said he shaved it off because he thought if he started over it would all grow in more even. Makes sense to me but I'll admit I'm not a whisker expert. I have my hands full keeping an eye on my own two chin hairs.

Two hours later we did another whisker check and yep, sure enough they are sprouting like new grass seed. Well it turns out those whiskerlings also brought something else out. Big is acting more like his old know, making passes at me and saying lewd comments to me. Basically being a pig; but that's The Big Guy I know and love.

Hahahaha Cancer! Take that! This big hunka-hunka man, whom I have always thought of as a bad-ass has showed cancer who's boss.  I see a full head of hair, a goatee, and a mustache in our future!

The Know-It-All and The Big Guy, on their way to the bank.


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