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Jan 5, 2013

Who Died and Made Feinstein God?

Dianne Feinstein, you ignorant gun-grabbing bitch!  You fought for an Assault Weapons Ban in California in 1994 and then in 1995 armed yourself with a firearm and obtained a concealed weapons permit. Never mind that in 1995, in California it was nearly impossible for an average citizen to get a permit. You weren’t an average citizen though so you used your political status to protect yourself from the very same threats that you felt the rest of us weren’t worthy of needing protection from. Do you think your elite status makes you more special or better than the rest of us?
     Better question: just what in the hell makes you think that you have the right to take away our constitutional right? And when did anyone ask you to speak for us?   

Here is what I really think:  Feinstein is a washed up, senile, old hag who has the audacity to believe that the rest of us are too stupid to own a fire arm.  She has now introduced another bill to ban assault weapons.  She is calling it an “assault weapons” ban when in actuality it is her desire to ban ALL weapons and to disarm ALL Americans. 
     I would agree with dumb Dianne that assault weapons have no place in the hands of a mentally unstable person but this really isn’t about assault weapons because she is labeling all semi-automatic guns as assault weapons. Those of us who own guns know the difference and so does she, since she is a gun owner herself.  This just isn't about banning guns. It's more about another one of our constitutional rights being trampled on by hypocritical politicians. When the second amendment is gone which one is next.

When her own weapons ban bill expired after ten years she did nothing to attempt to renew it but now is exploiting the tragic Sandy Hook killings with her newly proposed weapons ban. She is an anti-second amendment activist and is forcing her progressive idea (that came two days after the Sandy Hook shooting) down our throats and wants to create a National Firearms Registry, which historically has been seen as a prelude to confiscation of firearms. For $200 per gun you can register your weapon(s) and then you get to keep it…maybe.
     I applaud her genius and as soon as all the criminals register and pay the proposed fee, the rest of us should sign up and do likewise.  I’m sure if she just asks the thugs nicely they will be lined up around the block to register because you know, murders, gang bangers and psychotic school shooters are going to want to keep their weapons. The woman's brilliance is noteable and I wish someone would have thought of this sooner. It most certainly would have eliminated the recent movie theater and school shootings. 
     Studies found that the Federal Assault Weapons Ban did not reduce or prevent violence. You can read about it here. Or here. The reality is that banning guns increases demand, therefore increasing sales (and/or production). It's a vicious cycle and it is happening right now. Just walk into any gun store and see what's missing from the shelves. Guns! It's because they are selling like nickel beer at a redneck reunion. 

News Flash Feinstein:  Each year more people die violent deaths at the end of a hammer or a baseball bat than at the end of a gun. Should we be registering Little League? You know those little shits are going to grow up someday and at least one of them probably won't turn his bat in.

This is what I really want to ask Feinstein when she wakes up from her coma:  Dianne, do you really think banning guns will keep them out of schools?  Do you really think posting “Gun Free Zone” signs work? The short answer is, "no," it does not and it’s been proven time and time again.
     If you want guns out of our schools then put an armed guard at the door. This country has plenty of retired police and military personnel who would probably gladly stand guard (even volunteer) at their kids and grand kid’s schools. Teach gun safety and proficiency and arm a school official, because then the crazy-depressed-didn't get no lovin' from his momma-drug fueled coward who wants notoriety won’t be targeting schools. Infamy will be much less obtainable, which is really his goal. 

Gun laws don’t disarm killers, they disarm law abiding citizens leaving them (and you and me) with no way to protect our home and our family! Ironically if/when we are unarmed and invaded, robbed or attacked the first thing that an unarmed person does is call for someone (the police) to come to our rescue with a weapon. The first thing an armed person does is reach for their weapon and then call police. I know in what order I want to have to make that call.
     If you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one and if you ever find yourself in a position that you need someone with a gun to protect you, call Dianne because she has one. Her DC number is (202) 224-3841 or in CA (415) 393-0707.   I don't want an arsenal, I just want one gun to be able to protect myself and my family if the need ever arose.

So Feinstein I suggest this: why don’t you crawl back under your rock with the rest of your crooked cronies until it’s safe to come out. You are going to need a place to hide because we law abiding gun owners aren’t forking over our guns. We’ll pop a cap in your ass before that happens.

And by the way ~ just wondering ~ who died and made you God?


  1. WOW now that was well said Tammy but now you better lie down and let your blood pressure ease back down

    Mike Dixon

    1. Mike I'm not worked up yet...but don't get me started! Thanks for reading the Sauce.

  2. Agree with every word. What a nest of vipers in charge of our country.

    1. I hear ya Ms Kansas! Lock and load! Thanks for reading the Sauce.