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Jan 29, 2013

One Bad Ass Reuben Sandwich

I really don’t know jack about the Reuben Sandwich, other than I’ve eaten a few in my lifetime. According to our First Mate, Haney Buffet (Jimmy’s brother) I made thee best one he has ever eaten. EV-VER, he said so, and he and Reubens are tight so he knows a good one when he meets one. He wanted the recipe so I figured I better share it with ya'll. 

I didn’t have any sauerkraut onboard and the store didn’t have any either, but I did have a head of cabbage that needed to be used up so I thought I would just make my own. I googled a few recipes and every one of them said you had to ferment it. Or can it. Who has time for that?  Not me, I wanted a Reuben for lunch. Today, not in a month. 

So I decided to make my own sauerkraut, reason #1 why Haney said it was the best Reuben, EV-VER! I used some apple cider vinegar, juniper berries, a little brown sugar....I also spunked up that boring old Thousand Island dressing with a little Sriracha sauce—reason #2 why Haney was still raving about it the next day.
     Bonus: it was quick and easy, didn’t stink up the boat for a month and no pressure cooker was needed.

My kraut was a little hardier than that wimpy, super sour, store-bought stuff, which was a good thing because it didn’t make your bread all soggy. It was a nice combo of sour with just a touch of sweetness. I used pastrami because I like it better than corned beef; plus it was on sale and there was no corned beef at the Harbour Market deli. The mild bite of the Sriracha was just the kick it needed to elevate this sandwich from just a Reuben to a Bad Ass Reuben. The Big Guy said so. And Haney seconded it.

Check it out under the "Misc. Recipes" tab. 

And yes, I did have Juniper berries onboard. Whatever possessed me ~ we'll never know.

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