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Jan 19, 2012

Not Yo Momma's French Toast

Here is a great weekend breakfast for you to try; Caramel Apple French Toast.
My good friend Risa, the one who always has the squash, is a BIG caramel junkie, so I came up with this recipe while planning my menu for her and Captain Stephen, who will be on the boat with us next week.
     It's decadent and indulgent and worth every single calorie and I'm pretty sure it's counts as healthy since it has apples in it.

 I know she would prefer it without the bread and apples, since they are really just the vehicle for the caramel.
     I've made it twice this week, the first time I served it with some warm maple-honey, which is just equal parts maple syrup and honey. It was really good but The Big Guy and I both decided that it didn't really need it, the caramel sauce was double by-pass worthy enough; no sense going in for the tripe by-pass.

The first day I made it I used a French baguette, (pictured directly above) which made for the small pieces so that one apple slice fit perfectly. The second time I used a French bread, cut on the diagonal. Same taste, just different look. For something different substitute bananas for apples and spunk it up with a little rum and call it Bananas Foster French toast!  
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  1. That french toast recipe sounds great! I copied it and am going to try and make it this weekend.

  2. Hey Blondie, Hope you love it. We did, but then again, we'd probably eat a turd if it had caramel on it! Miss ya!

  3. I made this french toast for Morgan and Andrew who are staying with us this weekend. I doubled the recipe and there wasn't a morsel left. Rod really liked it and had two (or maybe three) servings. He isn't a HUGE sweets fan and he LOVED this. It's not too sweet. The 'french toast' part of the recipe is perfect. It makes the best french toast. You could use the first part of the recipe and add any topping you wanted. Or just good ol' maple syrup. YUM!