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Sep 2, 2013

My Sixth Date with Bobby ~ Another Killer Quesadilla

I swear, Bobby Flay must have me on speed dial! When he called me last week to try out another one of his recipes I was thinking, shit, not another quesadilla, but when my Bobby calls...well I fire up the grill because I'm his grill, errrr girl.
One of the things that put this quesadilla over the top was my Bobby's brilliant paring of  jalapeno and basil.  Jalapeno + cilantro = predictable, but jalapeno + basil = totally unexpected and unbelievably delish. It goes in the inside with a mixture of  Monterey Jack and goat cheese and then the cotija cheese goes on top.

But that's not what really made this dish so good. No...the thing that bumped this quesadilla up a notch was the Charred Corn Relish and I just happened to have some fresh picked corn that I had bought at a little roadside stand in Loveland. Charring the corn brings out its natural sweetness and if that isn't great enough on its own, the touch of balsamic vinegar and honey paired perfectly with taste of the grilled corn. Someone was seriously licking the plate!

Like my Bobby, I am an over-achiever so I went all out and made the (optional) Smoked Red Pepper Sauce too. Even though there was only a splash of the sauce called for on the quesadilla, it's a BIG sauce and the roasted sweet pepper and the smoky chipotle added one more layer of flavor. The three components of the grilled corn, the roasted red pepper, and the jalapeno-basil, turned this quesdalla into a party in your mouth. With fireworks!

For some reason Bobby seems to think that a quesadilla has to be three layers and I've been meaning to have a word with him about that.
     I say why waste the calories on that third tortilla?  Skip it. Go for more veggies and/or cheese, because the tortilla shell is just a vehicle to get the thing to your mouth, and I only need two. At the very most. Actually one tortilla and a fork and I'm there and I've saved a good 200 calories. Right?

But back to the recipe....don't make one without the other....the charred corn relish and the smoked red pepper sauce, that is. They neeeeeed to be on the same plate so unless you have a piano tied to your ass I say get off it and make them both. The good news is that you can make them ahead of time and if  you do, this dish comes together in a flash.

So pour yourself another glass of deserve it for making both and  being an over-achiever like me and Bobby.  If you don't love it I'll have Bobby come wash your dishes.  
      Thanks Bobby, love ya, call me, mean it! ♥

This recipe is under the "Appetizers" tab so go there to check it out. And by the way, this quesadilla kicked the Mushroom with White Truffle Oil Quesadilla's butt. Not just to the curb but out the front door, down the street and OUT OF TOWN! If you don't believe me ask The Know-It-All...she sampled them both and she knows, it all.  


  1. Hungry - the meatloaf was good cause I made it - but your cooking is at a whole different level...leftovers please...