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Dec 17, 2012

SUP-ing ~ One Of Us Is a Natural, One Of Us Is Not

First Mate/Dinghy Captain, Haney Buffet (Jimmy's brother) remarked that I have the agility and the reflexes of a cat.  He went on to say that The Big Guy has the agility of an albatross. He could be right on both accounts.
     We got a new Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and a few days ago was my first time of taking it out for a test drive.  I'm a natural! I was practically born to stand up and paddle.

I spent about forty-five minutes cruising around on it and never fell off it once. Not even when I ran into the side of the boat which I hit hard enough for it to knock me down but not off the board. I recovered like gymnast on the balance beam. I may have the balance necessary to walk a tight rope but I definitely need to work on my steering. A little bit later I ran into a mooring ball and still managed to keep it under control and not fall off.  Yeah, I pretty much schooled it. 

The Big Guy...not so much.  I asked him if he wanted to try it, told him it was easy. I even cheered him on by telling him I thought he had pretty good coughbullshitcough balance. He was reluctant at first but then remembered that Haney had showed his prowess on the board so he said, "Yeah sure. I'll try it."

He started off on his knees, which is kind of his comfort zone.

 Here he is ready to attempt to stand up. Easy, steady, hold it,.......and drink.


Confession: I love ya honey but I know you can't clap your hands and tap your foot at the same time so I knew this was not going to be pretty. But you are really good at a lot of other things, like swimming.

 What a trooper. He tried it again.

And again. He then determined that the only reason Haney and I could do it was because we were "little."
Yeah, that must be it.

 Here's First Mate/Dinghy Captain, Haney Buffet (Jimmy's brother) making it look easy.

And here I am getting ready to make a phone call and have a pizza delivered before I head back to the boat. Next time I'm taking the dogs for a spin with me. They can hardly wait!

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