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Jul 2, 2012

My Death Row Dinner Choice

A few weeks ago I promised to share this recipe for Thai Sweet and Spicy Lemon Shrimp because it is THE BOMB BABY! Ask anyone who has eaten it and they will vouch. I can name names, have my people call your people, whatev, but not since wasabi beurre blanc have I had the urge to hit my vein with a sauce filled needle.

I recently made this for my Thai cooking class "kids", and honestly we could have just filled up on it and been perfectly happy and skipped the other three courses. I know this to be true because the "kids" were face planted in their bowls.

I went all out and had The Know-It-All hit up the Ft. Collins Whole Foods store and Fed X me kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and Thai basil, which are fresh ingredients that I can't get here in Hickville. Those little herbal delights elevated this dish right up near the top of my list ~ you know "The List" ~ my Death Row-Last Meal-Wish List. That one.

NOT on my last meal wish list! I don't even know what all that shit is, but I'd inhale death row gas on an empty stomach before I'd eat that. And what is that funny green, fish head looking thing on the left?  
(FYI, this was my dinner plate at an Island BBQ. It looked like this when I dished it up and I was pretty sure it would look like this when I threw it up, so I did what I do when food looks like zoo animal poop... and that's drink my dinner.)

Oops, sorry about that digression folks....back to my death row dinner story...I'll tell you what else I LOVE about this recipe is that is goes from appetizer to entree with one simple pot of boiling water. And fast! Marinate those shrimp, pop 'em a pan for about two minutes and serve them with a loaf of crusty bread and you'll have an app that will leave you lickin' the plate.

OR...make a little extra of that wonderful sweet and spicy sauce/marinade and cook up some rice or rice noodles and pile it right in the middle of that bowl and ~ waaaallaaaa ~ you have dinner.

Oh...stop it some really don't need to put me on a pedestal/pray for me/send me money/shoes/pay for my botox/tummy tuck/vet bills...Just make the damn dish and tell me you LOVE it!
     Oh, and I ask you...looking at those two pictures, which one do you want to eat if you're about to pass through the Pearly Gates?

Click on the "Seafood" tab at the top of this page to see the recipe and then click on THIS LINK  or THIS ONE  or maybe THIS ONE,  to send me a lovely thank you gift for giving you this wonderful recipe. 

Now, can I get a nurse? I need an IV, stat! 


  1. So amazing was this dish I swear I heard angels singing!


    1. Me too, Lisa! You do know if I end up on death row you could likely be my accomplice, don't you? :)