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Jun 27, 2012

Bon Appetit ~ Round 6: Amazing Ribs!

It's time for Round 6 of the Bon Appetit Throwdow and I see that we will be bar-b-qing up some ribs!  
   The real challenge here might be our ummm, "bar-b-qing situation." You see our deck is all torn up because we are getting it rebuilt this summer and our killer grill is currently sitting in the driveway. Since The Big Guy has the mother of all grills, it requires electricity to fire up the rocket-launching- jet-propelled-turbo-starter, and it's an extension cord or two away from juice.  

Personally I'm confident that Big's ribs can kick Bon Appetit's ribs butt. In fact it was just a couple of weekends ago when The Big Guy had a hankerin' for some ribs, so we cooked up a few racks and had a some friends over for what were lip-smakin', falling-off-the-bone, to-die-for ribs! 

The Grill Master, puttin' the burn on 13 racks!
It's true, and you heard it here first...The Big Guy can do to ribs what a fat-free, zero-calorie, double fudge, salted caramel cheesecake does to us girls, and that's leave us all skinny and happy and wanting some more.  IN OUR DREAMS!

Stay tuned...and by the way we need some taste testers...who wants to volunteer?


  1. Those ribs look amazing and that grill looks likes something out of a resturant.Can I come over? I will bring potatoe salad. Yum.

  2. You got a deal June! Let me know when you want to whip up the potato salad and come on over. Thanks for reading the Sauce!