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Mar 5, 2012

Bon Appetit ~ Round 3: Pizza Like A Pro

Thank God I don't have to cut up another chicken! After last months BA challenge my vegetarian tendencies have been coming out of the closet, so this months cover recipe for a rustic tomato and stracciatella to-die-for pizza pie looks just divine to me!

Believe me when I tell you that (in Wyoming) I don't live within 400 miles of real stracciatella di bufala, which is a soft kind of mozzarella cheese that is made from the milk of the water buffalo.

While I was in Italy taking cooking classes we went to the home of a wonderful Italian lady named Rosa, and made two kinds of mozzarella one a firm braid and the other a soft creamy one. Neither involved milking a buffalo, but that soft creamy cheese was heavenly and something I will never forget.  

Italy ~ May 2004 ~ Making Mozzarella
Yeah, I know that picture looks like it was taken about eight years ago. Rosa is the short Italian looking lady and I have no idea who those other three are (wink, wink). Anyhow, I've been burning up Google with searches for Italian Cheese Purveyors and now have the real thing located so I am ready to hit the "BUY" button. My mouth waters just thinking about it and I can't wait for it to meet up with this pie and to say those wise words of Fat Bastard: Get in my belly! 
     Strange as it may seem the best dough man I know is The Big Guy's buddy, Mike, so I'm going to enlist his help when it comes time to make the crust. I've had his pizza before and I know that he knows how to work that dough. If you want to make it with me click here to get the recipe and don't forget to share your results.
     Can't wait! Stay tuned!

The Dough Boy ~ Not sure why he's holding on to his monkey.


  1. Were you really in Italy in 2004?? Seems like just yesterday... Pizza is always a good 'throw-down'...

  2. It does seem like yesterday! I'm sure your memories of that day are as vivid as mine...what a blast we had! But WHO IS that other girl?