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Jan 28, 2011

A Lesson In Limin'

The dogs have it figured out. The Big Guy has it figured out. I'm working on it.  "IT" my friends, is limin'.
Elvis limin'
      As you know for the past thirty days or so I have been living on Island time. I know, I know, it sounds so appealing…so relaxing…and it is so hard to do when you are a type A-multi-tasker-bring-home-the-bacon-and-fry-it-up-in-a-pan-kinda gal, such as myself.
     Big relaxes, chills and moves at a pace usually only reserved by someone who is unearthing dinosaur bones. Meanwhile, four weeks have passed and I’m still like a fart in a skillet.
     Most days I find myself chomping at the bit. I’ll tell Big it’s time to take the dogs to shore, and yes, I am thinking T-T-TODAY BUDDY!  By the time he actually gets up after having said, “I’ll get the dinghy ready,” I already have the leashes slapped on the dogs and am standing on the back of the boat ready to unsnap the dinghy line. By this time Gracie has her legs crossed and Elvis is holding his junk, while Big takes his own sweet time putting his wallet, cell phone and whatever else into Ziploc baggies, double checking lines, switches, lights, and anything else that can be double checked.
     In the meantime I’ve counted to a hundred, forwards and backwards while he fishes the dinghy key out of the pocket he just put it into. “Chill honey, we’re on Island time,” he’ll say in response to my stink eye.
     But I am working on it. A week ago I sat still and worked on my tan for a good 15 minutes or so.
     The Big Guy takes this limin' business serious. When I hear that word I think, yes, I’ll take a limin' my vodka, make it a double and step on it, I have a fire to get to.Yes, T-T-TODAY BUDDY WOULD BE NICE!
     Believe me when I tell you that I have come a long way. A few days ago I sat still and read a book for a good solid 30 minutes or so.
     If I’m being honest here, I’ll admit that I still have a long way to go in learning to slow down, take a chill pill, relax and all that crap. (Remember, this is coming from someone who thinks “relaxing” means balancing your checkbook while you get a pedicure.)
Big, getting ready to do some serious limin'
with a Cohiba & Pisces Punch.
Anybody want to join him?
     I do try to take my time while preparing dinner allthough I can still knock out four courses in just over an hour and that includes making my own salad dressing and croutons. And speaking of dinner, the little BBQ grill on this boat can cook a piece of fish faster than Big can open up a bottle of wine, which just irritates the hell out of me and slows down my cooking. Then I hear that voice in the back of my head that says “whoa sister, where’s the fire? Relax, you’re on Island time.”
     Today I am happy to announce that I have been making progress. Last night I sat on the back of the boat with a glass of wine and watched the sunset, for about an hour or so. Big said as soon as I quit squirming he would untie me so I could start dinner. Ahh, I think I’m starting to finally understand how this limin' works…
A lesson in limin'

This is a super fast, super easy dessert that I have been making since Sierra was just a baby. Although the name "'Blender Chocolate Mouse" sounds a bit gauche, this is a rich, decadent dessert. (Just use the best quality chocolate chips you can find.) Best of all, it requires only some chillin' and won't cut into your limin' time! Since you will already have the rum out, go ahead and make yourself a rum punch! I spunked up the whipped cream with some Cruzan Banana Rum. Go to the "Desserts" tab at the top of this page to view it. 
Mousse au chocolat in coffee cups Photo (986074)
(Photo jacked from the internet because I couldn't get mine to upload. I served mine in cappiccino cups, so it looked EXACTLY like this, only I topped it with a dollop of whipped cream.)


  1. I was doin' some sippin' after a hard day and had to laugh at your post! You are so damn funny! I am so glad Big never let you run too fast...good for him. You 2 remind me of the cartoon with one guy holding his palm on the other guys forehead while the second guy is running real fast and getting nowhere! hahaha. Bless you both, can't wait to see you and do some limin'.

  2. WyoMav, I know you needed a laugh after reading Tolle, so glad I could be the one to provide it! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanx for reading SdJ. ♥ ya!