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Jan 23, 2011

Full Moon Party

The other night we went to our first ever Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay, which is in a quiet little cove on the east end of Tortola.
     On shore is a sandy beach where a couple of little bars and restaurants sit, Aragorn's Studio, which also happens to sell some organic produce, a cyber-cafe, a grocery store, a wind surfing place and a cute little shop called "Many Splendid Tings". 

       Each month when the full moon comes out, it gets jam packed with boats, all jockeying for a mooring ball. Yachtees and locals come out of the woodwork to listen to local musicians, eat the Caribbean buffet, watch the fireballs and dance around the Jumbie Walkers.
     Well, you know how The Big Guy always detests being late, so we got to Trellis Bay the day before the party so we would be guaranteed to score us a mooring ball.
    We also got to the party early, about 6:00 PM and staked our place in the sand. Big insisted we partake in the buffet so we could, you know…experience the whole phenomena of this lunar event.
     Well, you also know that I hate buffets, but I let him win this one because I couldn’t snag us a reservation at Dick’s Last Resort (a good restaurant within dinghy distance).
After seeing the menu with the curried, stewed and jerked meats, I decided to stick with the sides dishes. I noticed that the goat, chicken and pork all looked the exact same and being the food snob that I am, I really didn’t want to take a chance of eating goat and barfing before the party even got started. Being a vegetarian for the night looked to me, like a wise choice.   

Big's dinner: Stewed goat,
jerk pork & curried chicken
Not sure which is which...

 While most people chowed down on the buffet, a one man band kicked off the party, playing some Island funk and then some local musicians really got the party going. People were dancing in the sand and surf to a some calypso and rock and roll, all island style. The fire balls glowed red against the moon filled sky as they heated up the night even more. 
The Jumbie Walkers finally came out about 11:00, which was the real reason for us still being out at that late hour. Watching them dance around on those stilts was worth the price of the buffet. 
A Jumbie Walker & some guy
who thinks he's 10' tall
& bulletproof
We had a great time! When you come to visit us you may want to plan your trip during a full moon...just sayin'.  


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Just wanted to put up my first post to this fab site! Speaking of the moon, our little Afton waits each night and each morning to say "Hullo My Moon." She is captivated by it this month for some reason. It is so sweet. Plans are coming right along for our trip, still looks like April may be the magic month. Send any info you may have to help me plan ok?? Lotsa Love, I will answer your email today as well. Tell Big Guy Hello!

  2. Hey Wyo Mav, Love your "Hullo My Moon" story! I have always been capitaved by the moon too. I ♥ thinking that the moon I look at each night is the exact same one that my kids and friends are looking at, even tho we are 1/2 world apart! God's handiwork is pretty awesome! Thanx for reading and I'll be in touch! ♥ ya!