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Oct 28, 2010

Family Secret: Seizure Salad Dressing

Last night I was whipping up some Seizure salad dressing, and I thought, "you know, this stuff so freakin good that I need to post the recipe on Sauce du Jour and share it with my readers both of them." 
     But then my daughter, who will be referred to as "The Blackmailer" in this piece, said, "Mom, you can't share that recipe...that'd be like giving up the goods. Can't we have just one family secret?"
     In case you haven't figured it out yet, I’m really talking about Caesar salad dressing. While I decide if I'll spill my guts (or not), I'll give you the back story: several years ago The Blackmailer thought the actual name for Caesar Salad was Seizure Salad, and she said it... out front of all of us, and at our house if you say something dumb like that, believe me, it will stick for a really long time, like maybe forever.   
  So before I give up the goods, (or not), I will tell you this: the original recipe was from Bon Appetit, circa 1990 something. Since then it has either been long lost or died a splattery death, I’m not sure which, but I’ve adapted it to the version I'll share here, (or not). I'll swear on its grave that every time I make this salad dressing, people come out of the woodwork to beg me for the recipe. 
     Unless there is blackmail involved, I'm not normally a recipe hoader, in fact I'm quite generous with sharing great recipes, but just as I was making the executive decision to put it out here, The Blackmailer brought up the other family secret. Perhaps she has a point. Maybe I shouldn't give out this recipe after all. At our house saying something dumb may stick, but blackmail always trumps secret recipes. So it is with regrets that I'm not going to be able post the reicpe for what just may be thee best Seizure Salad Dressing ev-ver! *  
*Sssshhhh...If you want the reicpe leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll give it to you. (Note: The Blackmailer doesn't have to know, she is probably busy digging up some more family secrets anyway.) Here's something that you should know about this recipe: make up a triple batch and give a little jar to your kids and/or friends. They’ll love you for it and worship you like you are some kind of a Salad Dressing Goddess! 

You can make your Caesar salad however you dang well please, but this is how I like mine:  romaine, shaved parmesan cheese, thin slices of red onion, and fat, homemade coutons*. Spunk up the romaine with some fresh squeezed lemon juice just before you dress it up all pretty with the Seizure salad dressing.  

(*Croutons: Melt equal parts butter and olive oil in large bowl. Add herbs de provence, minced garlic and coarse sea salt.  Add cubed bread pieces and toss to coat. Either bake in 400 degree oven or saute in pan, until toasted) 


  1. I must have this recipe for Seizure salad to go along with the Poisin meatballs.I have a great Aunt and Great Grandmother ( both wealthy ) coming to dinner and this sounds like the perfect menu.

  2. Tammi, I agree. This is the BEST Salad dressing EVER. We've even enjoyed the leftover salad the next day(you left some at our house, but it happened only once that I know of). Tell the blackmailer I'm family. Tell her I can keep a secret (like she doesn't know. Hint. Hint.) Tell her I'll share my best apple pie recipe. But, please send me the recipe. Thank you and God bless. Jane

  3. You got it June! Hope you enjoy, and yes Seizure Salad and Poison Meatballs were meant to go together. Thanx for reading SdJ!

  4. Hi Sauce, I need the recipe... not just want it, but NEED it. It has been a long time since I have had it!! As you said, the blackmailer doesn't have to know, and if she does find out, I could black mail her..... say broadcast the body function that is induced when she eats a certain type of candy..... see that a picture of her enjoying a meal in the oval office makes it to facebook.... the list goes on and on....

  5. Jules, recipe on the way to you! Hold on to those blackmail thoughts. I'm certain they will come in VERY handy at some point, especially that oval office one! ♥ ya!