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Sep 7, 2010

She May Be Wright, We May Be Crazy

Sierra has finally found Mr. Wright. No joke, after all these years she is finally Wright…Mrs. Wright to be exact, and she has the papers to prove it. If you know Sierra, you know that she would never have settled for anything less. 
Heidi Klum, Big & me  
On August 22nd at Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, Sierra and Aaron stood before God and their family and friends and committed their lives to each other. The ceremony was short and sweet and the prayers for no rain were answered, even though the evening sky threatened otherwise. The setting was straight out of a storybook and I can honestly say that I have never seen Sierra look more beautiful, or as happy as she did on that day.
     The Big Guy was looking pretty darn good himself, in that tux, and he was just a wee bit emotional as he walked her down the aisle. Sierra was absolutely stunning in her gown and Aaron coulda/shoulda been arrested for looking so darn handsome. Had there been any cops on hand (ahem) I’m sure he would have been!
Sierra & her Uncle Saul
I’m thankful that our families and friends from all across the country were there to share in this celebration, and even our adopted German daughter, Heidi Klum (who went by the alias of “Julia”, while in the U.S.) came from across the pond to get down with us country folks! Speaking of, we had way too much fun at the reception, and P.S.…my crazy relatives know how to par-tay! The photo booth was a definite hit, and had we not all been related, I would have had blackmail worthy pictures of most of the guests, because there was a whole lotta kissin going on behind that curtain!
Sierra & Grandma Shirley
     Big and I were a little choked up to see our baby girl all grown up and looking so….married. Had we not shanghaied her (read: OUR) American Express card earlier, we would have been ever more choked up. In all honesty, we are very happy for Sierra and Aaron and Eliza; they are a  beautiful family and we wish them a lifetime of love and happiness! 

Click on this link to see a video of the wedding. To see all the pictures from the wedding and reception, click on this one. You may have to create a user name and password and/or enter the date (August 22, 2010) and their names.

Now, about that blackmail—if you're not a kissin cousin, you may receive a cryptic letter in a plain white envelope with no return address, call me…we’ll set up a meeting…bring bills... big cops...    



  1. Glad to hear everything went well with the wedding! Sierra really was a very pretty bride. The photo booth looks like an awesome idea!

  2. Hi Jordan, We had so much fun and yes, Sierra cleans up pretty well! I saw a picture of you and you are looking oh so cute with that baby bump! Miss ya!

  3. Love your pictures too much fun!

  4. Yes, Linda the picture booth was a blast! Wish you could have been there! Miss ya, ♥ ya!