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Apr 9, 2010

Who You Calling A Crazy Dog Lady?

      I’ve heard the whispers and I’ve seen the looks. A raised eyebrow here, a smirk there. Yeah, so maybe I’ve been called a Crazy Dog Lady, like once or ten times.
      I won’t deny it—I love my dog. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Elvis Parsley you’d understand why. Not only is he ruggedly handsome, he is a Lothario, who can charm the socks off a Shiatsu. Bitches love him, and he’s got the T-shirt to prove it!
     If you’ve ever seen him riding around in his Juicy Bag or wearing his white jumpsuit with gold lame, you may have jumped to the conclusion that he’s a sissy dog.  I completely understand how one might assume that, but I’m here to tell you that he is all male and he does all the manly man things that males do. He scratches himself and doesn’t’ care who’s watching, he pees in the shower and sometimes he even leaves a turd for me to find, just because he’s proud of it. And yes, he smokes after…you know what.
     Elvis is a jet setter and has travelled the world with me. He has ridden a horse and a Harley, flown in a helicopter, and sailed the Caribbean. The El Man has been to Mexico more times than the Taco Bell Chihuahua.
     I swear I just don’t know where he gets it, but Elvis is a food snob.  He loves eating out and has been under the tables of more fine dining establishments than a $100 hooker in Vegas. Spago, Emerils, and Mortons, just to name a few.  While The Big Guy and I like to nosh on everything from steak to sushi, the Little Man is all about the chicken! Chicken is doggy dope and Elvie gets high on chicken!
     So I ask you, does putting clothes on my dog make me crazy? Nooo. Carrying him around in my purse? No way!  Does signing up to be his kidney donor, should he ever need one, make me a teensy bit wacko? Not in the least. Putting him in my will? Not even. Does admitting that I would be willing to chew his food for him (only if medically necessary), make me looney tunes? I think not. We are talking about The King here! So relax, I am not, I repeat, NOT a Crazy Dog Lady!  But…if you hear me making an appointment for him to get a tummy tuck and a tail lift…well then, call in the guys with the white jackets. I’ll be waiting right here, with a cup of kibble on my plate.

Elvis’ favorite chicken dinner is Chicken Parmesan and it's one of mine too.  This recipe is one that Mario shared with me the last time he was over for dinner. (You know, that amatuer, little chef...Batali)  Go to the "Beef-Pork-Chicken" tab of the top of this page to view it.  The Dogs will come running--I promise!  


  1. you are a crazy dog lady!!

  2. Hey, watch your mouth...I resemble that remark