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Apr 7, 2010

The Amazing Easter Race

       My daughters are adults (by default) because they fall into that "over twenty" category, but they are still giddy children when it comes to Easter! Weeks before the holiday even gets here they start quizzing me about what the Easter Bunny has planned. They drop hints about chocolate and marshmallow and eggs, like a rabbit drops...well, droppings. Yes children, there is an Easter Bunny and she has plans!
      The Amazing Easter Race, complete with cryptic clues, tasks and even a road block was this years event. The chillins were as excited as if they were actually going around the world and not just to the barn and back.
       To begin with, teams (Sierra and Aaron, who we will refer to as “Team Loser” and Savannah and Eliza, aka “Team Winner”) had to find a needle in the haystack, do a blind candy bar tasting, a puzzle and follow a series of clues that involved using a compass, running a three-legged race and deciphering clues. Team Loser may have known their candy bars but lost the race in the end when they struggled trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together. To be fair, the puzzle was a 100 piecer, so that probably explains why they couldn't get it. Team Winner worked diligently and completed the puzzle that led them to the laundry chute and the million dollars! Ok, so it wasn't a million bucks, but $25 at the Olive Garden was almost as exciting.
       I fired up the soft serve machine that morning and managed to get a ham, turkey, a couple of salads and other fixins on the table, so after the race we all sat down to an Easter feast.
      Still in the competitive mode and being a bit of a sore loser, Sierra suggested an ice cream eating contest. Shane and Eliza took the bait; Sierra's evil grin screamed SUCKERS!!! Shane and Eliza talked smack while Sierra got her game face on. If there are two things I know, it's don't get into mud wresting match with a pig and don't get into an ice cream eating contest with Sierra!
       I dished up one pound of ice cream apiece and gave them the go. While Eliza was busy stirring hers into a soup, Sierra sucked down the entire bowl! Shane barely left the starting gate as a toothache and brain freeze stopped him cold after only a few bites. Sierra barely got to gloat, as she immediately headed outside to purge over the side of the deck.
     We wrapped up the day with Bananas Foster and soft serve. Next year—Survivor Easter!

The official, genuine recipe for Bananas Foster dates back to 1951 and is from Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans, which is the originator of this classic dessert.   Go to the "Desserts" tab at the top of this page to view it and then go straight to the kitchen and make it!


  1. I want a rematch...I think I can take her!

  2. I was the big WINNER WINNER!!! Better luck next year team loser! The amazing easter race was so much fun but i cant wait for next year. Love the blog, mom!