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Oct 4, 2013

Me and Bobby Makin' Bacon

If there's one thing I love more than Pig Candy it's Bobby Flay. Or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, I had them both on my mind when I remembered that my Bobby has a recipe called Mango-Glazed Bacon, so you know what I was thinking.

I followed the recipe to the letter and good bacon is good bacon, whether it's coated in maple, mango, or manure, and I had some good, thick-sliced Applewood smoked bacon to work with.
     Because my mango was a bit under ripe and did not yield very much juice I was a bit underwhelmed with the results, making it clear that an over ripe mango would have made a big difference in the final taste. In fact the mango flavor was so not-there that I couldn't have picked it out of a line up, but what I could detect was just enough to know that this bacon could have been pretty amazing sitting along side a stack of Island Pancakes* so the next time I have a mango on the verge of going south I'll try it again.

While I was at it I mixed up some brown sugar and cayenne pepper and tried making some Pig Candy. I was hoping that it would be worthy of Cafe Genevieve, the original creator of this crack candy that I'm addicted to. It didn't happen...mine did not get as crisp, in fact much of the sugar coating melted right off.  I'm no quitter though, so I'll keep practicing and if I have to I'll eat the test pieces until I get it right. They weren't perfect but they didn't suck either.

And it looks good right? Well it was good because after all it was BACON!!! Thanks Bobby, love ya, call me, mean it!

The recipe for the Mango-Glazed Bacon is under the "Beef-Pork-Chicken" tab, if you want to try it the next time you have a really ripe mango that you need to do something with.  

* Island Pancakes...make your own pancakes and top with warmed Coco Lopez, chopped macadamia nuts and a squeeze of lemon.