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Apr 29, 2013

Leek Fritters: It's What's For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

About a month ago I made these Leek Fritters, and because they were so stinkin' good I have been meaning to share the recipe. Since I pretty much think about food 24/7, I know that when a dish creeps into my thoughts at least once a day it's either a) time to make it again, b) time to share the recipe, c) time to open a bottle of wine, or d) all of the above. Always, always go with "all of the above," in multiple choice questions.   

My sister, who is a bit food obsessed herself (but on a healthier level), told me about these fritters a long time ago.  Whenever we talk on the phone the subject always turns to food and we start telling each other about what we've recently made and then we end up sharing recipes.  Well, she keeps bringing up these fritters; she's either made just them again or asks me if  I've made them yet, so I figured I better get on it.
     The recipe is from the vegetarian cookbook "Plenty," which by the way has a ton of great recipes.

I made the sauce a few hours before hand.  There is a shitload of cilantro in it, along with parsley, sour cream, and Greek yogurt. (In case you didn't know, Greek yogurt makes the best cold sauces.)  It was sooooo good; if it had been slathered on my shoe I would have tried to eat it.

The fritters seemed a little runny to me when I first mixed them up with the egg whites and milk, but they came together beautifully when they hit the pan. There is a teensy bit of turmeric in the recipe, which I don't think is really a spice staple (I had to buy it special for this dish) and really, I have no idea if it made a difference or not, but because they were really good I'd recommend getting you some and not deviating from the recipe.

The recipe says they serve four, and I suppose that is true if they are served as an entree, since vegetarians wouldn't likely be serving it with a tenderloin.  If serving it as a side dish you can half the recipe or eat the remaining fritters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, and lunch as I did.  I nuked the leftovers and they reheated up pretty decent. Let just say they didn't suck.

If you've never cooked with leeks I have to ask, what are you waiting for?  They are delicious, milder than an onion and with a more tender texture so they are easier to sneak by an onion hater. (Ear muffs, Hates Everything, ear muffs). Plus, they make a great addition to many dishes like fritattas, potatoes, and pizza, to name a few. 
     Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients in this recipe. With the exception of the turmeric, most of the ingredients will likely be in your pantry. If you do your prep work ahead of time it comes together pretty quickly. 
     Check out the recipe under the "Soups-Salads-Sides" tab. 

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