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Mar 7, 2013

Good-bye Pisces

We knew this day would come. It’s the day when we pack up our flips flops and prepare ourselves for what comes next. I wish I could tell you that we got another wild hair and this time decided to join the circus...because...well because I can juggle and The Big Guy can lift a Clydesdale off the ground with one hand and arm wrestle a lion with the other, but no. Not even.  Reality's a bitch and she's not just knocking on our door, she's kicking it in.

So today we head home, for what is likely to be a very long time.  I’m so grateful that we have had the opportunity to spend three years in the Virgin Islands onboard our boat, but it's time to take care of The Big Guy and his health and well being comes first. 

We have enjoyed sharing this great adventure with friends and family who have been our guests onboard Pisces.  Together we have seen amazing sunsets and beautiful beaches. We have swum with turtles, stingrays and dolphins and dove shipwrecks and reefs. I've beach-combed to my hearts content and have dragged more conch, coral and sea fans back to the boat than is probably necessary or legal.

This past week as a grand finale and a farewell to us, dozens of pink flamingos flew over as we were leaving Anegada. It was truly breathtaking; the bright coral colored birds against the blue sky and turquoise water was a spectacular sight.  Karen at least thought to grab her phone and try to snap a picture, though this doesn’t do it justice because it was crazy beautiful!

And then there’s been the food and island drinks. We will miss ice cold Carib’s, Corsair’s pizza, Coco Maya’s duck confit nachos, Potter’s Anegada lobsters, the Soggy Dollar’s Painkillers and my own Creole grouper. (Recipe and pictures coming next blog...I promise.)  
     We have made friends with the locals and Big finally has that whole hand-shake-knuckle-bump-fist-grab-shake-it-out-thing down. Dock guys and waitresses know us by name. We are practically locals so it feels like we are leaving family behind.

Anyhow, turn the page.

Pisces is for sale, but for now she will go into a charter fleet while we move on to the next phase of our lives. It’s the uncharted waters that scare me, jumping into an unknown abyss, but no one, not ANYONE, you hear me, is tougher than The Big Guy and no one believes in him as much as I do.

The sea will always be calling to us and we will answer her call once again.  



  1. Soo sorry to hear you having to give up the Pisces. Even feel more sorry that you have to come back here and start a different journey. I have complete confidence that you, Big Guy, are going to kick this thing in the butt! Just know that me n Mona are always here for you two. We love you guys! Please, please let me know if there is anything at all that we can do to help you guys, for anything! And...if you're going to be so much closer to us, we all must go out somewhere and let the women drink LemonDrops and we'll let 'em rub up on us when they've had too many! Travel Safe!!

  2. Thanks Tom, really appreciate the support and so glad you got to spend a week on Pisces with us. Now, lets make a plan for that Lemon-Drop-and-rubbing-up-on-you date! :)
    Thanks for reading the Sauce. T

  3. Thinking of you. And, praying. And, hoping. And, wishing. Vaya con Dios.

    1. Thanks Jane,
      Hope you are well...I know you have already walked the walk.
      God bless you girl.

  4. Thinking of you guys! Sad to hear about the boat, we hadn't had a chance to visit but always got to explore and enjoy through you guys! It was often your posts that would make a grey day here more palatable. Hope to see you soon. Love, Brenda

    1. Thanks Brenda, maybe you can come to the next boat...

  5. Read the book. enjoyed completely. Great memories, past and future, seem to find their way to you. I will remember our brief connection. K12

  6. Thank you K12, whoever you are....please share more. T