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Oct 25, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin' With Paisley

The one thing I like the most about fall is the changing of the colors, and the only good thing that I can see that comes with the cold weather is that it's soup eating season. One of my favorite fall soups is a Southwestern Pumpkin Soup, and granted I usually make it out of a can of pumpkin, although I always have good intentions of going to the pumpkin patch specifically for that reason. But then I never go. I just open up a can.

This year Paisley is at that perfect age to go pumpkin pickin', so her mom and I took her to the Pumpkin Patch so she could pick some pumpkins for Halloween. She liked this one...

And this one...that's a lot of soup, I'm thinking. There were so many to choose from...she finally settled on these three.

She is laughing at me because I just coughed up six bucks apiece for them and she knows that you can get them at Wallyworld for a couple of bucks each.

What's better than a pumpkin soup to take the edge off a cool fall day? Nothing that's what, unless of course it's a great fur coat and some killer boots...but that's another story. 
     I've made this soup many times over the years for Thanksgiving, mostly for Paisley's great Grandpa Joe, because he loves it the most and since he's a teensey bit of a picky eater, you know it must be good! 
     The Big Guy was out of town so my friend Cathy was the official taste tester and she gave it her three thumbs up, (she has a little deformity, but don't mention it because she's touchy about it). She was ready to hitchhike to Cleveland to get it, but since the restaurant who made it up is no longer in biz, I told her I'd post it here.

This recipe is from the (now closed) Watermark Restaurant in Cleveland, OH, so don't go there, but you can go to the "Soups-Salads-Sides" tab at the top of this page to view it.

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