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Sep 22, 2011

Calling All Grandmas

The cutest and smartest baby that was ever born just turned one year old this past week. Paisley is so smart that she is practically stringing whole sentences together and she can almost sing all the words to Born to be Wild. Therein lays MY problem. The kid is talking and I don't have a Grandma name.


As shallow and narcissistic as this makes me sound, I am just going to go with it and admit that as much as I LOVE being a “grandmother”, I HATE being called “Grandma” (there I said it). It just sounds so...old…and uncool…and I happen to think I am at the very least, borderline cool. I mean, my own kids have never specifically told me that I'm cool, but I think maybe once back in high school I was considered cool. No wait, that was someone else. Nevermind.
     Anyway, no offense intended to any of you old and/or cool or uncool grandmas out there who WANT to be called grandmaI’m just not one of them.

Giving a tutorial on how to operate a tricycle   

The little Brainiac is not only walking and talking, she is teaching her parents how to follow behind her and push her while she rides a bike. She has also recently leaned to jump and then she does this other brilliant thing, like look at us, and then it makes us all jump. I'm proud to say I think she is taking after me already because I can look at people too and make them jump.
     So what’s my problem you ask?
     Baby Einstein is talking, and repeating names and practically reciting the entire dictionary, so I’m really gonna need a name, and soon, that’s not “Grandma."  My one friend is “Nonni” and another is “Nana”, so those are taken. I know a GG, a me-maw and a G-ma, so those names are in the out pile too.

The Big Guy got his name already…he’s “Cappy”, which I totally love and think is really cute. It’s short for “Captain,” in case you hadn't figured it out, and I can vouch for the fact that he loves being called “Captain” by everyone from Customs officials to dock workers to beach bartenders. Seriously! You should see his chest swell. 
     I don’t mean to whine, because that's not my style, but dammit, I want a name to make my chest swell!  Well I take that part back, that’s already happened, but I do want a cute little title that tells the world that I’m Paisely’s really cool granny.  (Author's note: Risa—Grammy Tammi just ain’t workin' for me so step away from the comment button!)

So c'mon help me out here, Paisley’s about got the i-phone figured out so I'm sure she will be calling me at any minute, wanting me to take her to her next Mensa meeting and I gotta have a name so she can introduce me as _____________, her really cool Grandma!
Paisley...wake up...the Mensa meeting is adjourned!

This recipe is from Bon Appetit and it is pure baby brain food...Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bars. Mine look a little different than the picture on because, 1. I'm not a baker and 2. because I live in Hickville I can not get "purchased dulce de leche" as called for in the recipe (I used caramel) and 3. I topped mine with espresso salt, rather than fleur de sel becaue it's better or maybe I just didn't have fleur de sel, I don't remember. Go to the "Desserts" tab at the top of this page for the recipe.


  1. I like: Ta Ta, GaGa, YaYa, Nona, mudflap, birdie, kitty, glammy, g-dawg, coco, lovey, queenie, tootsie, money bags,

  2. Tennille (you know to go with Captain..) and you could use "Teenie" for short, or Glammaw, GlamGlam, MeMe, or I like Sierra's Mudflap idea.

  3. Ha ha Julie! I can say I did have a thing for Captain back in the day. Maybe it was the hat. Mudflap...not so much!